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My name is Kai, and I am an Oceanographer at the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington D.C.

I am interested in:
– using transiting surface ships as sources of opportunity for the purpose of array and environmental parameter characterization
– acoustic signal and array processing in the presence of environmental noise and uncertainty

In my free time, I enjoy to backpack and to sail.

Contact Information:
Email: kay.gemba[@]nrl.navy.mil
Office: (202) 767-2196
Last Updated:  May. 29th, 2020

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Why objectify God? Subjectify That!
Keep Quiet, entertain no doubt, raise no desire.
Remove all objects and remain as That!
All pain belongs to objectification.
Do not let ego own Freedom,
so do not objectify the Truth.
Do not call it a gain or an acquisition,
simply identify with it as you do
when you see your face in a mirror.
Forget this visitor called mind
and just identify as That!

You can only experience what you are not.
Only transience can be experienced
because the experiencer itself is transient.
So give up the notions of experience, name, and form.
Don’t touch name and form, Just Watch!
Utter “I” and all objects are there.
Look at the “I” and everything dissolves.
Let the “I” look at the “I.”