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My name is Kai, and I am an Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School.

I am interested in:
– using transiting surface ships as sources of opportunity for the purpose of array and environmental parameter characterization
– acoustic signal and array processing in the presence of environmental noise and uncertainty

In my free time, I enjoy to backpack and to sail.

Contact Information:
Email: kay.gemba[@]nps.edu
Office: (831) 656-2855
Last Updated:  Nov. 20th, 2021

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On three accounts searching and practice are foolishness and misleading and are only the clever mind postponing Freedom.

The first is that it creates a searcher. This reinforces the concept of an individual sufferer that is separate from Freedom, and that Self is something “other” than that Here and Now.

The second is the search itself. Searching is a distraction which causes postponement and endless needless suffering. Searching promotes religions, traditions, and paths to be adhered to,
which serve only to trap you deeper in illusion. The Truth is only Here and Now, but the search says it is tomorrow.

The third account is that search creates an object to be found, and this can be the subtlest and most misleading trap. As you start a search you conceptualize what it is that you are searching for. Since the nature of the illusion is that whatever you think, so it becomes; whatever you think the goal to be – you will attain it. Then you will rest satisfied in this trap.

So stop your search, simply be Quiet.