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My name is Kai, and I am an Oceanographer at the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington D.C.

I am interested in:
– using transiting surface ships as sources of opportunity for the purpose of array and environmental parameter characterization
– acoustic signal and array processing in the presence of environmental noise and uncertainty

In my free time, I enjoy to backpack and to sail.

Contact Information:
Email: kay.gemba[@]nrl.navy.mil
Office: (202) 767-2196
Last Updated:  May. 29th, 2020

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Before any thought rises in your mind and goes toward an object of your senses for enjoyment, look at the substratum from where it would rise. From there you can enjoy the forms of thoughts and feelings because from there you are not ignorant. The wave and bubble are ignorant because they only dance for their own name and form.

These forms are transient
and to be attached to them is to be confused.
Anything that rises be it thought, desire, emotion, feeling or object
will give you suffering and no one in the world can avoid this.
Both the enjoyer and enjoyed are washed away.

But the wise discriminate between the Real and unreal.
They know what is Real and so allow their feelings and thoughts
to arise because they know all is One and the same!
In this way you will not suffer